Lessons from Z: Confidence and Encouragement

I am forever thankful for the ability to walk alongside Z, and learn from him. He’s grown me in ways I can’t even begin to articulate.

He has reinforced for me how amazing our individuality is, how important self-talk is, and how to meet people where they are at, regardless of where we – and our culture –  think they should be.

Decompression Time

Decompression time isn’t tied to a calendar. It’s tied who we are, our own needs and state of being.
It’s a time for absorption, for processing, for rest, and for a reset.
Sometimes decompression is needed for our physical health, sometimes our mental health or emotional health.
Sometimes it’s needed to fully absorb and process an experience
It is ok

Gifts of Homeschooling High School

The high school years are some of the best times to truly customize to who our kids are, and allow them to truly explore and delve into those things that call to their hearts.

Shannon Stoltz outdoors on the deck with trees in the background

Parenting Teens: Interests, Conversations, & Respect

Watch On Facebook Teens – individuals, interests, conversations, and respect #mondaymorningreflections #parentingteens #respectfulparenting Parenting Teens: Interests, Conversations, & Respect [Transcript] Good morning, it’s time for Monday Morning Reflections. If you hear the dogs in the background, it’s because they can see me and they want to come see me. And I’ll let them out when I’m done. So …

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Shannon Stoltz with the subtitle: Self-Talk Matters

Parenting – The Big Picture – Self Talk Matters!

In crafting our True North 🌟, our big picture, our target 🎯 , for parenting – which anchors ⚓ us – especially in the Teen years – one thing to consider is Self Talk 🗣 and how it factors into overall success.

In today’s Monday Morning Reflection, I share a little about my journey and struggles as a parent, as it relates to success and self-talk