Decompression Time

Decompression time is on my mind today.

For our kids, for ourselves.

Decompression time isn’t tied to a calendar. It’s tied who we are, our own needs and state of being.

It’s a time for absorption, for processing, for rest, and for a reset.

Sometimes decompression is needed for our physical health, sometimes our mental health or emotional health.

Sometimes it’s needed to fully absorb and process an experience

It is ok



Especially after

– deep dives

– a flurry of activity

– periods of stress and anxiety

– intense learning

– external pressure to perform or learn/grow.

Decompression time is as vital as periods of learning and growth. Part of a cycle.

A necessary part of a cycle. Give yourself grace, give your kids – especially your teens – grace and time

On the other side, the cycle begins again.

Not on an arbitrary timeline, but on our own unique timeline, according to our own needs.

And that is okay. It is how we are designed.

Nothing runs at always on. Everything requires rest and maintenance.

Today’s ponderings. Agree/disagree?