The Confidence Challenge

The confidence challenge…

I’ve been pondering confidence a lot lately.

The confidence we have in ourselves, in our ability to do.

Confidence is not something we can give to someone. Not something we can get from someone else.

it’s something we give to ourselves.

It’s a belief.

A belief that I can do that.

A belief that that’s doable.

A belief that it’s possible – for me.

The stories we tell ourselves, repeat over and over in our minds, become stronger.

That’s just biology. How neurons works.

It’s easy to repeat what we believe is safe, repeat the fears, the insecurities, the anxieties.

That’s also how our brains work – to keep us in safety, and to follow the pathways that we’ve built up by repeated use.

But what if…

What if we intentionally set out to build up our confidence pathways.

Like a gratitude challenge that you build up the habit of finding things to be grateful for…

What if you intentionally built up your confidence, by noticing..

What are you confident in today?

Notice, What are you good at?

What do you believe you can do today?

What do you believe you can learn today?

What if each day for a week or a month, you collected in one document all the things from each day that notice you are confident in…

you believe you can do, that you are good at, that you have confidence in…

How would it be to go back and look at that list – of how much you have confidence in.

And how much would your confidence grow, your belief in what you can do, in what you are good at…


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