Being Clear on our direction, our purpose. Our goal, our mission. Our big picture.

Someone recently said, “no one prays for Clarity.”    Uh, I do.

It’s much easier to move in a direction, if we have clarity – a certain degree of visibility – of what we want to do, where we want to be, who we want to impact.

And until we have that clarity, it can be difficult to move forward. And actually, a lack of clarity can cause us to spin in circles.

In my 100 Day Content Creation Challenge, we’ve been talking about clarity in the context of content creation – writing, communicating a message.

Here’s something I shared with the challenge participants that I think actually applies to any goal we might have.  Just switch “content” and “messaging” out for a word that works for you:

Clarity can make a huge difference…

When we are clear on who we are communicating with – creating content for – and clear on what our message is, content has a way of flowing.

But if we don’t have clarity then things can feel murky. Feel like we are churning a bit.  A little lost.

So how do we get clarity?

We test, try, experiment, feel the energy of it, and listen.

Listen to the guiding voice within,
listen to those who are interacting with our content, and
listen to the data.

Only you can determine if those are in alignment for you.

Talking it through with someone you trust can help. But at the end of the day, it’s your vision, your alignment, your clarity…

As things align for you, as you get clear on who you serve with your content and your messaging, things come together much easier.  

At the core, this applies anytime we are in transition, trying to decide on a direction – in life, for business, or parenting…   for our next steps…

Clarity is personal to you. Clarity is for you, for your business, for your life. Clarity comes into alignment with what’s on your heart to create, do, be in this world.

If someone else doesn’t get it.  That’s okay.  When you get it, when you have that vision, see the road ahead, things flow much easier.  

Food for thought…

Wishing you a lovely day.

Until Next Time,

Shannon Stoltz

Shannon Stoltz is a writer, trainer, entrepreneur, and best of all, mom to four fabulous (grown) kiddos.

As the founder of Little Bits Media, LLC, she helps mission-driven authors, speakers, and businesses communicate their message and make a difference in the lives of others. 

Shannon is fascinated with how humans learn, grow, and communicate, and passionate about the importance of embracing our unique gifts, talents, and individuality.

She lives in the countryside outside Houston, Texas, with her family, and their menagerie of rescue animals.