Hi, I”m Shannon

For years, my standard line was “Work At Home Homeschooling Mom to 4 Fabulous Kids”. Though these days, those fabulous kids are all grown, and graduated. So now, I’ve been playing with the wording, “Mom to four fabulous mostly grown kids, always homeschooled, and mostly unschooled.”

Mostly I’m just interested in learning, helping our kids – and ourselves – grow into the person they are. I’m pretty passionate about embracing our kids interests, supporting, coaching, and encouraging our kids in their own individuality.

I truly believe there is room for each of us, and One Size does NOT Fit all.

As a periodic contributor to Texas Unschoolers, my bio reads:
Shannon is a veteran unschooling mom with four “kids” (24, 21, 19, and 17) and a sometime contributor to Texas Unschoolers – usually on topics related to dyslexia, autism, adhd, and following kids’ diverse interests.

While it’s not why I chose to homeschool, our kids ended up stretching my thinking about learning and education, because they are not wired in the same way I am, and they don’t process the world the same way I do. And in that, I have sought to customize our kids education, heavily to how they learn best. To Who They are.

“Ever Learning, Ever Growing”

Shannon Stoltz

What You’ll Find here

For our entire parenting journey, and then our homeschooling, I have written, spoken, and mentored others, sharing the insights I’ve learned along the way.

Paying forward the lessons others have taught me, and the deep dives I’ve delved into, looking for another way to support my kids and myself in the learning and growing process.

Here you will find a selection of that work, as well as resources and other writings others often ask me about.

And please, Pardon my dust, as I bring things over, as I can, and add in new content – fresh insights, and tidbits, from my current journey, as a parent, as a human, as a writer.

Monday Morning Reflections

From January 2021-August 2021, I posted a weekly live-recorded video on my Facebook page, sharing thoughts, insights, and reflections from my own growth and journey as a parent. Some of the topics I covered were:

  • Learning (specifically, how we learn outside the school paradigm)
  • Parenting
  • Growing as Humans and as Parents
  • Living Life Off-the-Beaten Path
  • Mindset, especially when Life is Hard

I am slowly bringing those videos and transcripts over here, even as I create new content, and new reflections. In the meantime, feel free to head over to Facebook for the full list of Monday Morning Reflections Videos.

Embracing the Journey

Encouragement & Insights on Learning, Growing, & Living Life off the Beaten Path

Life is a Journey, where we are always learning and growing. As humans, as parents, as individuals. It’s not always pretty, often messy. But it is a beautiful thing – especially when you are living off the beaten path.

A Life you are creating, for you and your family.

A life that embraces the individual you are and the precious individuals you’ve been entrusted to care for.

Here, it is my hope, that you will find encouragement in your journey, as I reflect on my own.

“Life is a Journey, where we are always learning and growing. As humans, as parents, as individuals. It’s not always pretty, often messy. But it is a beautiful thing…”

Shannon Stoltz