Your Support System

Loneliness on the journey, and Support systems

I’ve been answering a bunch of questions lately on this. So I sat down to kinda draw out my thoughts.

We all need support on our journey. Our kids do too. But for today let’s just talk about our own support systems.

We cannot reasonably expect those who have known previous versions of us to “Get” where we are going.

We can love them, but as we grow we need to build our own support system.


With the intention to support others on the path, and be supported on our own journey.

Layers of Support Drawing. V1

For me, I think about this in layers or building blocks:

– our family and friends from before we began the journey

– those going in a similar direction

– those going on a similar journey with similar values and direction

– those walking the same path

– those you click with on the path, with similar values and direction

– your inner circle

– the 1-2 people who are your safe zone who Get who you are and what you are doing. (Rare and Golden)

So these are the beginnings of laying this out.

Have a few additional thoughts as we also need three categories of support:
– people who have gone before us
– people on the journey with us
– people coming up behind us

Anyway, I’d love your thoughts as I flesh this out.

We all need support ❤️

… Shannon

This post originally began as a Facebook post, feel free to add your thoughts to the original post here