“I wish I could just be normal!”

Today I had a long conversation with a dear one.

She asked me if I feel normal now. This was my response. Do you have any additional supporting words for others who are struggling with not feeling “normal”?

Do I feel normal now? No. But I have long since found that most people don’t feel normal and just want to fit in.

I’ve learned that normal is completely relative.

And I’ve found I can always find others who are on a similar if not identical path.

There are choices I have made that I am not willing to compromise on. And I’ve learned to be good with it.

Though loneliness can be an issue if I don’t cultivate a support system and pour into it as much or more than I get out of it.

Even now I’m looking at who I am now and what I need to do over the next few years and thinking “who do I want to surround myself with”.

At this point I have little bandwidth for being surrounded by people who don’t get what I’m doing.

I only have so much energy and need to surround myself with the voices that are supportive.

If that makes sense.