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Appreciating Nature’s Wonders: Finding Little Bits of Lovely in the Great Outdoors

In the fullness of our daily lives, it’s easy to become disconnected from the simple joys and natural wonders that exist just beyond our doorstep. 

Yet, just beyond the responsibilities, the to do list, and the pressures of life, an entire world of beauty and enchantment awaits to be discovered, noticed, and appreciated –  one that can bring us a renewed sense of calm and peacefulness.

By seeking out little bits of lovely in the great outdoors, we embark on a journey of appreciation, awakening our senses to the beauty that surrounds us.  Sparking little bits of joy and wonder  and infusing our daily lives with gratitude and serenity. 

From your own backyard to seeking out your local natural habitats, hopefully one or more of these eleven ideas will inspire you to seek out the little bits of lovely outdoors. 

1. Step out on your deck in or into your backyard, and enjoy the beauty you have cultivated outdoors.  Pull up a chair or layout a blanket and just notice the nature and life that lives just outside your doorstep  – the bees pollinating your flowers, the birds and squirrels in the trees,  the lushness of the foliage,   the scents of the herbs and flowers. 

2. Explore a botanical garden or arboretum: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of plants and flowers. Take a leisurely stroll through the garden paths, breathe in the fragrant air, and marvel at the vibrant colors and intricate details of nature’s creations.

3. Find a peaceful waterfront sanctuary: Seek out a nearby lake, river, or oceanfront where you can sit and contemplate the soothing rhythm of water. Watch the gentle waves, listen to the tranquil sounds, and let the serenity of the surroundings wash over you.

4. Discover a hidden gem: Research lesser-known parks, gardens, or nature reserves in your area. These hidden gems often offer a quieter and more intimate experience, allowing you to connect with nature on a deeper level and uncover hidden pockets of beauty.

5. Attend outdoor concerts or performances: Keep an eye out for local outdoor concerts, theater performances, or art festivals. Enjoy the magic of live performances in the open air, surrounded by the energy of fellow art enthusiasts.

6. Embark on a photography expedition: Grab your camera and set out on a photography adventure. Capture the small details that catch your eye—dewdrops on a leaf, trees reflecting on the water, the play of light on the leaves. Whatever catches your fancy and inspires that sense of wonder and awe.

7. Take a scenic drive: Venture out on a scenic route or country road trip. Let the ever-changing landscape captivate you as you drive along, appreciating the rolling hills, picturesque countryside, and quaint little towns and shops along the way.  

8. Enjoy a picnic alfesco: Pack up some snacks or even a full picnic lunch and head to a nearby park or green space. Find a cozy spot under a tree or by a tranquil pond, lay out a blanket, and enjoy your meal surrounded by nature.

9. Visit a community garden: Explore a community garden’s bounty of plants and flowers. Engage with the gardeners, learn about different plant varieties, and revel in the colors, textures, and fragrances that fill the air.

10. Exercise outdoors.  Whether it’s in your own yard, biking through the hills, or attending an outdoor yoga class, connecting your mind, body, and spirit in natural surroundings nurtures your calm and adds the benefits of time in nature to your physical well-being. 

11. Wander through a charming neighborhood or historic district. Admire the unique architecture, diverse gardens, and captivating street art that give the area its character and charm. 

Remember, the key is to be present and open to the beauty that surrounds you. To let it in and be part of you, even for a few moments. To notice and appreciate the Little Bits of Lovely you find along the way. 

Whether you choose one of these suggestions or create your own little adventures, seeking out little bits of lovely outdoors has the ability to enrich your life and awaken a sense of wonder and gratitude. Enjoy! 

Shannon Stoltz

Shannon Stoltz is a writer, trainer, and entrepreneur. But her favorite role has been that of work-at-home mom to four fabulous, homeschooled, and now grown, kiddos. Shannon is fascinated with how humans learn, grow, and communicate, and passionate about the importance of embracing our unique gifts, talents, and individuality. She lives in the countryside outside Houston, Texas, with her family, and their menagerie of rescue animals.


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