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Little Bits of Lovely: Passionflower Dreams

Many years ago, my neighbor planted a passionflower along the fence near our concrete driveway. It’s such a unique flower, not one that I had seen before. And I was fascinated.

Every year the vine would grow up the fence, and spill over the top, spreading the joy to our side of the fence.

I’d admire it, thinking one day I’d like to have some in my own garden. I had looked in the garden center, but could not justify the cost. And didn’t even think about asking for a cutting or saved seeds.

So I’d admire the unique beauty of the flowers, when they would grace our side of the fence.

Then one year, I discovered that the wind had carried a seed or two from her flowers, the ten feet to the compost pile next beside our garage. I had a little passion flower vine growing!

And by the next season, beautiful passionflowers were growing wild in the compost pile.

By the time we moved, an entire jungle of passionflowers had grown up from the compost pile, over the stick pile, and all the way to the tree branches that shaded that part of the yard.

It was like my own secret garden of beautiful purple passionflowers.

And the butterflies loved it too.

When it was time to move, we dug up just two vines and transplanted them next to a chain link fence separating the front and back yards. Within three years of transplanting, an entire jungle of passionflower once again grew up and covered that fence each year.

Bringing us this little bit of lovely, this little bit of joy.

Not only do I love the uniqueness of this purple wonder, but it’s also come to be a reminder for me.

A reminder that little seeds of dreams take root in ways you can’t expect and flourish and grow into more than you can imagine.

~ Shannon

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