Blogging as a Business for Credibility & Profitability: An Interview with Connie Ragen Green

In this week’s interview, best-selling author, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur, Connie Ragen Green and I explore Blogging, Blogging as a Business, and using a Blog to establish your authority, credibility as an expert.

Connie shares her insights and experience on how she leverages her blog content to write books, how she makes money from her blog and affiliate marketing, and uses syndication to reach a wider audience.

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To Learn More About Blogging from Connie Ragen Green, check out:
📕 Book – Blog – Broadcast: The Trifecta of Entrepreneurial Success By Connie Ragen Green (Amazon link)

▶️ Really Simple Authority Blogging – Live and recorded blogging course

▶️ Syndication Optimization – Live and Recorded course on how to syndicate and market your blog

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