Resiliency in Tough Times

While on a call today I was doodling and pondering comments a couple friends have said about writing about resiliency in tough times.

Crushing debt, a fire, two floods, medical crisis (plural, whatever that word is), and actually even some overwhelming “life changing” positives, all have created a culture here that a constant in life is change. And our little saying “life can change on a dime”

It’s not necessarily fun, but it all seems to work out in the end. Somehow. Someway.

As I was doodling, little bits of lessons learned came to the surface. Things that are just part of.

Many that are long rooted now in habit, but were pivotal perspective changes or insights that help with the realities of massive life change.

In case they help someone else, I’m posting here as they are.

Pondering on whether to take it further or not, but what I’m thinking on today.

Feel free to add your tidbits…