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I’m a huge believer in customer service skills and other soft skills in information technology professionals. It’s important – career changing,  customer changing, business changing.

And because of that, as my personal world and business focus has changed significantly over the last few years, I have come to realize that I am not able to serve my audience in the way I’d like to or that you deserve.

So, I’m happy – thrilled actually – to report that Kate Nasser of CAS, Inc, has agreed to assume the domain and serve the audience.

I first ran across Kate while doing research for  several years ago, and quickly became a follower and promoter of her work. Kate is indeed a great “people skills coach” with a strong appeal to IT professionals with her logic and stories.  I highly recommend checking out her website at and following her social media posts.  You’ll learn a lot from Kate and she’ll take good care of you.


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